You will have to prepare several lists, but by far this should be you most important. This is the overall list, and the one you should stick to. Listed below are a few you can take into consideration.


You will have to first give thought to your finances, and if you can afford this move. Preparing a budget is the way to go, as you will have to look into several aspects such as moving vans and self storage. First off, have a look at your bank balance and make your decision.

Clothes and personal belongings

You will most definitely have to take your clothes, but while you are at it make sure you take only what you will absolutely and surely need. Wherever you are going to is bound to have enough clothes, so taking as little as possible will be the good idea. In terms of personal belongings, you must think carefully as to what you need and have to take with you.

Informing others

This becomes the toughest part of the whole process, informing others. However, this has to be done and you must include this in your checklist!


Having your accommodation, where you are currently staying and your future accommodation sorted is also important. You will have to decide what you will be doing with the place you are staying at currently, if it’s your own place. There are a number of options you can look into; and the decision lies on your hands. Your future accommodation has to be sorted and looked into as well as this is where you’ll be staying for a while. If you are going for work purposes, then your work place will probably do this part for you. In case of education, your university will provide you with the necessary information. Otherwise, you can get in touch with several companies that will help you find what you are looking for.


This is very vital and should not be forgotten as the paperwork is what will get you through the entire process with no bumps or consequences. Talk to someone with experience, or even companies that deal with Ethiopia logistics so that you have a slight idea as to what exactly is happening. Having a sufficient amount of knowledge on this whole topic is what will get you through the process!

These are a few aspects you have to add to your checklist to make your move one of the easiest things you’ve done in your life. You’ll realize how much easier your life becomes when you stick to the list you’ve already prepared.