As much as we’d like it to be so, not all of us have the luxury of being able to afford a new car at any given time. More often than not, most of us are forced to use our old but still usable cars, even while we’d dream of their newer models.

But having to drive an old car is indefinitely better that being knee deep in loans for a new and flashy car, or being completely vehicle less.

If you are like one of the mentioned above, and want to give your old car a new and glamorous feel, then here are our expert’s tips, ideas and suggestions. And the best part? You don’t even have to opt for vehicle performance tuning! (though that’ll be great too). Hopefully, you won’t feel so bad driving your car for long…!

Replace the electronics.

With how fast our technological world is moving, it’s no surprise if your vehicle’s electronics are not the latest of trends. Your vehicle need not even be that old for this to happen. By replacing the electronics (radio, audio system, navigation system etc.) your vehicle will automatically feel new as it feels “current and happening”.

The air conditioning.

Who says it’s only your home AC unit that needs to be serviced and replaced ever so often? Trust us, it’s the same with your vehicle’s unit. If getting an AC service doesn’t make a difference, consider getting the whole thing replaced. This alone can make your vehicle “feel” new.

Looking into the lights.

Most older model cars have headlights with protectors that get discolored after a long period of usage. the best thing you could do for this is to get it replaced. Not only is it fairly inexpensive as spare parts, it’s also not expensive to get replaced.

Pay attention to the rubber.

Rubber, unfortunately tends to wear off rather a lot after continuous use. The exposure to sun too plays a part in it. Replacing the rubber parts of your vehicle; like your windshield wipers, steering wheel, and also the door and shutter seals can not only keep away the unwelcome wind and water, it also helps to make your vehicle seem newer.

Don’t forget the brakes.

Your car’s brakes and everything involved in it like its fluids, springs, bolts and pads tend to lose their grip after a few years of usage. Though a good service and regular maintenance of it helps a great deal, it will never feel like it did when it was first installed. Consider getting it replaced for the ultimate renewed feeling of the car. Trust us, it makes a bigger difference than you think…