If you have decided to give up your full time job and to start working on a self-employed basis in the capacity of a caregiver, you have to remember that the responsibility that you are taking on is a great one. While being a caregiver is a wonderful job, you have to keep in mind that someone life is in your hands and you have to be a very responsible person in order to take up such a position. In addition to being a responsible person, you also have to genuinely care about the person that you are taking care of. In many cases, caregivers are fully qualified and responsible enough to provide the service of caregiving but they lack the emotional response that most elderly, sick or disabled people need. If you are confident that you are able to take on the task of caring for an elderly person, a sick person or a disabled person, you will then need to start taking lesson in how to care for such a person.

Becoming qualified to become a care giver

In most countries, you will not be required to have any prior qualifications or educational background in order to become a professional caregiver or a home nursing care giver as all of the training you will need will be given to you once you apply. As a caregiver you will need to be not only a nurse and a caregiver but a friend and a companion to the person you are caring for. You will need to go beyond the duties that have been assigned to you of medical services, transportation assistance, assistance with basic household chores and reminders of medical appointments.

As a home nursing care giver, you will need to take on the role of the elderly persons doctor, the son or daughter, their friend and in some cases even their maid and this is something you need to be ready for.

As a care giver, you will be taught basic emergency medical techniques that you will need to use in case an emergency occurs while you are alone with the person you are caring for until an ambulance has arrived. These techniques that you will be learning are vital and you need to make sure that you know them by heart as someone’s life will be in your hands if you are ever faced with a medical emergency. You will need to play the role of a doctor at this time until a real doctor has arrived on the scene.