One of the most noticeable things during the last few years were the extreme weather changes. You get more hurricanes and cyclones that tend to tear through more areas than usual. Then there are flooding in usually dry areas and the droughts in usually rainy areas. This is without the monstrous summers that melt asphalt and the winters that freeze you within minutes outside. So in order to get used to these weird weather scenarios that are more likely to continue, here are some tips to incorporate into your summer daily regime.What to do for the windows

You might want to keep the windows open to let in the breeze; and then you might want to close it to keep the sun out. Usually it is recommended to just put up white curtains to block out most of the sunlight (as white color absorbs heat). If you have the curtains drawn then you can reduce up to 45% of the heat that comes indoors. Another method that is practiced by the hard summer people is putting up a damp white sheet in the open window. The water evaporates and the incoming breeze will carry the evaporating water particles and cool the inside.

Taking care of body and recently done African hair straightening

Your body must be kept moisturized in the heat. Even if you are sweating like crazy the water is most likely to evaporate within seconds. So using creams and moisturizers right after showering and bathing is highly recommended. And for those who are highly susceptible for sun rays, sunscreen is a must. Always try to keep spares with you for emergencies. If you had your African hair straightening done recently, then make sure not to let sunlight hit your head and keep your hair moisturized as well.

Using air conditioners properly and without issues

Air conditioners are also prone to dying right in the middle of fanning wonderful cooling breeze to you. In most cases it is because the heat and overtime work got to the mechanical parts of the machine. So you will need to take care of the air conditioner for it to work properly. The filters must be cleaned and replaced as necessary and ducts must be cleaned thoroughly as well. Cracks between windows and keeping your door open are reasons for the room not cooling properly.

A trick to a cool breeze from the fan is to place a bowl or water or ice in front of it. When the water evaporates in the heat, then the fan picks up there water particles and cools your down. It is a great way to keep the room humidified properly too.